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in the Philippines.

Flameguard specializes in all types of fire protection systems such as fire sprinkler, FM-200, Novec 1230, standpipe, deluge water spray, etc.

We are a world-class deluge fire suppression system contractor in the Philippines, an internationally certified provider of fire safety systems.

What is a deluge fire suppression system?

Deluge systems, a variation of automatic fire sprinkler systems, are specifically designed to combat rapidly growing fires. They achieve this by delivering large quantities of water in a relatively short period of time. Unlike regular closed sprinklers on wet-pipe sprinklers, these systems use open sprinklers, also known as open nozzles. A deluge valve controls the system water supply and is activated by a supplemental fire detection system or pilot sprinklers. Because open nozzles are installed, the suppression system piping is normally at atmospheric pressure. During a fire event, the detection system will trigger the deluge valve to open, releasing the water into the system through the open nozzles. This sudden surge of water makes deluge water spray effective in controlling fast-spreading fires.


Basic components of a deluge sprinkler system. Image from NFPA Fire Protection Handbook

Applications of deluge water spray

The nature of this system makes it appropriate for facilities where significant amounts of highly combustible materials are present such as protection of transformers and areas with combustible liquids. It may also be used where thermal damage is likely to occur in a relatively short period of time, such as aircraft hangars.

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Flameguard is the first and only deluge fire suppression system contractor in the Philippines certified in water-based fire suppression. This is a testament to our expertise and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional fire safety services, ensuring our clients the quality of our work

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