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Flameguard specializes in all types of fire protection systems such as fire sprinkler, FM-200, Novec 1230, standpipe, deluge water spray, etc.

We are a world-class standpipe fire protection system contractor in the Philippines, an internationally certified provider of fire safety systems.

What is a standpipe fire protection system?

Standpipe systems are fixed piping systems that transport water from a reliable water source to areas of buildings where hoses can be deployed for firefighting. They are typically installed in well-protected, safe areas where firefighters can access them safely, such as fire exit staircases and building entrances. Standpipe systems can significantly improve manual firefighting by eliminating the need for long and cumbersome hose lays, saving firefighters time and energy.

Classes of standpipe systems

Standpipe systems are designated as Class I, Class II, and Class III, categorized for their intended use. A Class I system provides 2 1/2 in. connections, typically required in buildings that have more than three stories above or below grade because of the difficulty involved in laying hose from fire apparatus (fire truck or fire pump) directly to remote floors. They may also be required in malls. Class II system, on the other hand, provides 1 1/2 in. hose connections with hose and nozzle included for first aid firefighting. These are generally intended to be used by trained fire brigades before the fire department arrives. Finally, Class III systems are a combination of Class I and 2, intended for both full-scale and first-aid firefighting.

Types of standpipe systems

In addition to being subdivided into classes that delineate their intended use, standpipes are also classified by types based on their basic characteristics—whether the piping is filled with water (wet versus dry) and whether the water supply will be automatically available or not (automatic or manual). Dry systems are prohibited in areas that aren’t freezing; hence, all standpipes in the Philippines should be Wet. Manual systems are designed to be affordable and are typically used for small and low-rise buildings, not categorized as high-rise. Their water supply will come from the fire trucks. For high-rise buildings, the standpipe requires an automatic water supply, so it incorporates a fire pump system and adequate water tank/supply.

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Flameguard is the first and only standpipe fire protection system contractor in the Philippines certified in water-based fire suppression. This is a testament to our expertise and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional fire safety services, ensuring our clients the quality of our work

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